Post & Pre Production

We provide comprehensive solution for the HD and SD post production. This comprises various SD and HD changes, transfers for distributions on various SD and HD platforms.

Film Editing

We can edit and do the mastering in any requisite format. We also bear the editing systems that upkeep these editing work sideways with audio. At Kanvy studio, we possess a team of the finest editors who concentrate in editing feature films, short films, documentaries, music videos etc.

Digital Intermediate – 4k/2k/HD

We provide comprehensive Digital Intermediate processing facility to several producers and production houses. Kanvy studio has completely calibrated chain that guarantees precise 2k/4k output. The workflow also allows us to do a down translation to HD/SD by using the color management tools. The procedure has great imaginative potentials and saves a lot of time and cash for the film makers.

Brand uniqueness is the gateway to a company’s success yet; so many businesses miss to understand its strategic prominence. Kanvy studio gives a vast range of graphic design services to help businesses in emerging a better position in their industry. It is significant that your company has the reliable look and feel for efficient marketing on each print and web based publication. We are available here to assist you achieve that. We can do the DVD mastering using audio, subtitle choices and creative motion set menu from any source obtainable.

Motion Graphics

We are filmic storytellers who use spectacular animation and motion graphics methods to benefit brands and organizations connect with clients.


For Vfx (i.e. Visual Effects) we create better illusion of motion, graphics that are generally collective with audio for use in multimedia projects by using best video film and animation technology. The services offered by us in Vfx are : wire Removal, sfx, titling service, color correction, crowd stimulation, etc.

Location scouting

We simplify your production as line producers, or merely scout for and accomplish your location requirements. We have all kind of locations to outfits your need .According to your script; we guide locations, authorizations, accomplish logistics. We offer location help, locations inspection, management of location. We enable your shoot and offer every service with art direction, cuisine, hotels, settings, transport etc. based on your financial plan.

Scripting and Story board

Using a screenplay or script we offer a written work by screenwriters dedicated for a film, a video game, or TV set program. These screenplays are mostly unique works or sometimes an adaptation from prevailing pieces of writing. In them as per your requirement, we narrate and include movement, activities, look, and dialogues of the characters.

We have screenwriters that are accountable for investigating the story, evolving the narrative, writing about the screenplay, and bringing it, in the vital format, to development officials. We create an exclusive storyboard which is a graphic organizer in the system of illustrations or pictures showed in sequence for the persistence of visualizing a motion picture, moving picture, motion graphic or collaborative media sequence.

We prepare a sequence of frames, with portrayals of the order of events in a film, like a comic book of the film or few section of the film formed beforehand. By doing so by us, it benefits film directors, television commercial publicity clients imagine the scenes and discover potential problems prior to they occur. We create a motion picture with any grade of faithfulness to a script.