Dubbing Studio

At Kanvy studio any sort of sound effects is made accessible to the customers. Dubbing of several videos is also carried out.

Sound recording and mastering

We concentrate in providing excellent and premium audio recording services depending on the content type, its tone and style. We offer a full range of services for audio recording, with superior quality and at affordable prices.

We offer complete audio and video production services. We provide all audio associated services, comprising: multi track auditory Recording song writing and music production midi music composition and arrangement mingling and post production of audio restoration and editing interactive program, acoustic cd mastering, demo formation, cd replication and copying. Contact us with any specific audio recording service needs. At Kanvy studio the goal is to offer a relaxed contented environment where musicians can record real form of music without tension of time pressure.

Our infrastructure comprises state of art sound recording apparatus and equipment for music and video collaborating, dubbing, mastering, making film scores, or post production of audio and additional studio services. Our studio is a custom assembled facility intended to meet the requirements of musicians of all style, also articulated word. Audio recording and service of post-production for radio or television transmission and business communications are made with wide music and audio special effects libraries. Kanvy studio, is becoming prevalent as sound recording workshop, among the singers and musical group who enjoys to record with digital tools.